Peace, Love and Peanut Butter

East Wind Community Crafts

East Wind Community

East Wind Nut Butters is owned and operated by members of East Wind Community. We are located in the lovely Ozark hills of rural southern Missouri and one of the oldest intentional communities in America. We practice income sharing, egalitarianism, nonviolence and an ecological lifestyle. 

East Wind Nut and Seed Butters

Our peanut butters, almond and cashew butters and tahini contain no sugars, corn syrup, preservatives, hydrogenated oils, palm oil or other stabilizers.  All of our products are certified Kosher and gluten-free.

Utopian Rope Sandals

Utopian Rope Sandals have been hand made at East Wind Community for decades. Rot and mildew proof, unsinkable and providing excellent traction, they are famous for miles around as being the ultimate water shoe.