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Should I Eat Almond Butter?

A standard 2-Tbsp serving of plain almond butter has 196 calories, about 7 grams of protein and a bunch of fat—about 18 grams. That’s just fine with Kristin Kirkpatrick, a registered dietitian and manager of Wellness Nutrition Services at Cleveland Clinic’s Wellness Institute. “Almond butter is a dieter’s best friend due to its lack of carbs and its abundance of protein and healthy fat—both fill you up and keep you satisfied,” she says. It’s a good source of fiber, too. Most of us fall far short in the fiber department, and a serving packs an impressive 3.3 grams of fiber—about 13% of the FDA’s daily recommended total. “I recommend almond butter to my patients all the time,” says nutrition consultant...

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Amazing Health Benefits Of Cashew Butter

You would have bought so many types of fruit and nut butter, especially peanut butter, but did you know that cashew butter is just as enticing as any other butter? This natural sweet spread made from raw or roasted cashews tastes awesome, and it contains a lot of nutrients too. Would you like to know the benefits cashew butter has and how to make it? Then this post is just for you! Read on! Nutrients Present In Cashew Butter While Cashew butter is not replete with the goodness of Omega 3 fatty acids, it would be wrong to think of its health benefits as insignificant. On the contrary, this butter comes fortified with several essential nutrients. It has nutrients like...

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Ask the doctor: Why is peanut butter "healthy" if it has saturated fat?

taken from health Harvard The presence of saturated fat doesn't automatically kick a food into the "unhealthy" camp. Olive oil, wheat germ, and even tofu — all "healthy" foods — have some saturated fat. It's the whole package of nutrients, not just one or two, that determines how good a particular food is for health. Let's take a look at the peanut butter package. One serving (about 2 tablespoons) has 3.3 grams of saturated fat and 12.3 grams of unsaturated fat, or about 80% unsaturated fat. That puts it up there with olive oil in terms of the ratio of unsaturated to saturated fat. Peanut butter also gives you some fiber, some vitamins and minerals (including 200 milligrams of potassium),...

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