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Amazing Health Benefits Of Cashew Butter

You would have bought so many types of fruit and nut butter, especially peanut butter, but did you know that cashew butter is just as enticing as any other butter? This natural sweet spread made from raw or roasted cashews tastes awesome, and it contains a lot of nutrients too.

Would you like to know the benefits cashew butter has and how to make it? Then this post is just for you! Read on!

Nutrients Present In Cashew Butter

While Cashew butter is not replete with the goodness of Omega 3 fatty acids, it would be wrong to think of its health benefits as insignificant. On the contrary, this butter comes fortified with several essential nutrients. It has nutrients like protein, calcium, iron, vitamin E, riboflavin etc. The butter also contains a moderate amount of healthy fats (like oleic acid) that your body needs.

Important Health Benefits Of Cashew Butter

1. A Good Source Of Magnesium:

Cashew butter is a good source of magnesium, an essential mineral that plays a pivotal role in keeping the body fit and healthy. Consumption of magnesium is important for keeping muscles in shape, and ensuring the metabolic functions and the immune system are optimal. It also regulates blood pressure levels and aids the absorption of calcium, another important mineral.

2. Less Fat Laden Than Other Butter Types:

Like most of you already know, no nut butter is devoid of fat.The same is true for cashew butter. However, you intake far less amount of fat by eating cashew butter compared to peanut butter, and other types of nut derived butter. In a tablespoon of cashew butter, you get 94 calories, which is less than other variants.

3. Source Of Protein:

The protein quotient in cashew butter is lower than that of peanut butter. However, it can still serve as a good vegetable source of protein. If you eat less amount of animal meat (known to be a good protein source), make it up by taking cashew butter with the meals.

4. Source Of Iron And Selenium:

Cashew butter contains a fair amount of iron. Without iron, you may be subjected to anaemia and fatigue. Raw cashew butter should be eaten for optimum iron consumption. This butter also contains Selenium. This is vital for health as it fights free radicals and stops them from damaging the DNA membrane and cells.

Everyone wants to keep their heart healthy and properly functioning. For strong cardiac health, it is advisable that you include cashew butter in your diet. Its monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats help fight the development of harmful cholesterol levels in the body. This in turn reduces the risk of various heart ailments.

6. Helps Thwart Diabetes:

There is no denying the epidemic nature diabetes has assumed all over the world. Diabetics are forced to live life with several restrictions, and it is better to prevent the disease from happening rather than fighting it after discovering! To keep diabetes at bay, you should include cashew butter in your meals. It helps regulate blood sugar levels, and thus thwart diabetes.

7. Reduces Risk Of Gallbladder Stones:

Gallbladder stones can be quite painful and annoying. Studies have shown women can bring down the risk of developing gallbladder stones by eating cashew butter.