East Wind Crafts

East Wind Crafts was created in 1974, soon after the incorporation of East Wind Community. It became our first and longest standing sales outlet for consumer products created and sold by the members of our cooperative.

Included in this merchandise were hammocks, Utopian Rope Sandals (still made onsite and sold), belt looms, wooden plant holders, cutting boards, handmade drums and various arts and crafts.

After the East Wind Nut Butters manufacturing facility began producing nut butters in 1981, East Wind Crafts transitioned into the role of our Retail Sales Division offering nut butters direct to the public and small businesses purchasing below wholesale’s minimums.

Several years ago, East Wind Crafts was modernized to include an E-commerce web-store, selling East Wind Nut Butters and Utopian Rope Sandals.

Today, the East Wind Crafts’ team handles customer purchases at our physical location, shipping online orders via this website, facilitating local small business' orders and deliveries, while also participating in various craft shows, festivals and community sponsored events in the surrounding area.

We are committed to providing a reliable and authentic experience for the purpose of creating long standing relationships with each of our customers.