East Wind Nut Butters Uses Glass Jars

East Wind Nut Butters Uses Glass Jars

Why are we choosing to use glass jars when it seems like
everyone else has switched to plastic containers ?

All EWNB retail sized products are packaged in 16oz glass jars...

As we want to provide our Nut Butters to you in the safest, healthiest, most environmentally friendly packaging available, East Wind Nut Butters originally started and continues to use glass jars.

Glass jars are non-toxic,
resistant to leeching and can be recycled endlessly.

Made from domestic materials like sand (silica), soda ash, limestone and recycled glass (aka cullet), absolutely no synthetic chemicals are required in the production and manufacturing of our glass jars. 

Glass, when compared to plastic, is way more resilient to temperature fluctuations and UV exposure, is impermeable to air and moisture, does not breakdown over time thus resulting in zero food quality loss due to container degradation.

Since glass is non-toxic and non-degradable,
there is no worry about any harmful chemicals leeching into the food contained. Ever.

According to the Glass Packing Institute, “Glass is 100% recyclable and can be recycled endlessly without loss in quality of purity,” (gpi.org).  Plastic containers on the other hand, degrade over time and are “downcycled”.  Downcycling is the process of recycling a high quality good into lower quality goods. So if for example, you recycle a plastic bottle, it won’t be turned into another bottle, it will instead be used to make other materials such as synthetic clothing or carpets.

No matter how many times you recycle glass,
it is turned right back into the same, high-quality product.

From everyone here at East Wind Community, Inc.
we thank you for your patronage and support!

East Wind Nut Butters

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For more information and in-depth : Glass Recycling Facts - Glass Packaging Institute (gpi.org)

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